"Loop de Loops" Melody Loops Mega Pack

"Loop de Loops" Melody Loops Mega Pack

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Ready to Up Your Melody Game?

Music producers can take their mixing to a whole new level with Slime Green Beats Melody Loop Kit — without learning to play any instruments. This quality, professionally mixed melody kit features seamless loops and is just the thing to add complexity to your music.

The best producers in the music industry understand one thing: melody reigns supreme – it sets the stage for the whole masterpiece. You can have the best lyrics in the world, but if your melody falls flat, no one will remember it.

Yet, developing music that creates an unforgettable experience isn’t easy — Slime Green Beats Melody Loop Kit, Loop De Loops, will give you the jump-start you need.

Slime Green Beats Loop De Loops has everything you need to get professional results — even if you can’t play piano.

  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Compatible with any Wave file format
  • 105 loops
  • BPM Included
  • Royalty-free

Speed up your workflow dramatically — you’ll know in half the time whether that track you’re working on has the “it” factor, and you’ll get a sense of the vibe. Besides accelerating your workflow, there are tons of reasons to use a melody loop.

Melody Loop Uses:

  • Fill in gaps in your music
  • Create tracks for video production
  • Get out of a rut and explore new sounds
  • Overcome beat block
  • Elevate your sampling skills

Whether you’re a new producer just getting in the game or an experienced pro sampler — Slime Green Beats royalty-free production music will up your melody game.

Loop De Loops features 100% original chill, trippy, RNB, and hip-hop melodies.

Add some freshness to your track’s sound — buy Loop De Loops today!

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