How to Make Beats (Paperback)

How to Make Beats (Paperback)

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Unleash your creative potential and start producing hip-hop music today.

This beginner’s guide breaks down the basics of music production. It gives you the tools to start creating. Beat-making isn’t a linear process, and there’s no exact science or method.

Slime Green Beats gives a full view of the gear, strategy, and mindset you need to produce amazing music. It does this without stifling your creativity.

Whether you want to make your own music or start a career in music production, this handbook is a must-have. Learn the rules for making beats. They vary by genre, like hip-hop, trap, R&B, and rap.

You’ll learn:


  • How to set up your home beat-making studio

  • Tips for sound selection and melody creation

  • What drum layers make up a hip-hop beat

  • The stylistic difference between 808s and basslines


  • An introduction to mixing instrumentals

  • How to create vibrant, clean beats without over-compressing

  • Music theory rules for arranging

  • How to find and implement reliable feedback


  • Online marketing strategies for self-promotion

  • Email marketing tips to build industry connections

  • How to license, lease, and sell your beats

  • What to expect when selling exclusive beats, including track outs

…And more!

How to Make Beats explains music theory and technical software in easy-to-understand terms. The language of music production often feels elite. But, Slime Green Beats breaks down barriers for new creators. Learn the lingo with a long terminology section in the back of the handbook. It also has links to suggested resources.

About the authors

Slime Green Beats is led by 3E Wave and Stunna. They are two highly acclaimed music producers with many fans on YouTube. They have nearly a decade of beat-making experience. Their technical tips and recommendations work in the real world.

Length: 40 Pages
Language: English
Publication date: 1/28/2021
ISBN-10: 0578817853
ISBN-13: 978-0578817859

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