How to Make Beats (Paperback)

How to Make Beats (Paperback)

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Unleash your creative potential and dive into music production today!

This comprehensive beginner’s manual simplifies the fundamentals of music production, equipping you with the essentials to kickstart your creative journey. The art of beat-making isn’t a straightforward path—it’s an organic process with no rigid rules or fixed methods.

Discover a holistic view of equipment, techniques, and mindset crucial for crafting astounding music without curbing your creativity, courtesy of Slime Green Beats.

Whether you aspire to create your music or embark on a career in music production, this handbook is indispensable. Delve into beat-making principles across various genres like hip-hop, trap, R&B, and rap.

You’ll explore:


Guidance on establishing your home beat-making studio Insights into sound selection and melody construction Understanding the components of a hip-hop beat through drum layers Distinguishing features between 808s and basslines Finishing

An overview of instrumental mixing techniques Crafting vibrant, polished beats without excessive compression Music theory principles for effective arrangement Locating and integrating constructive feedback Sharing

Strategies for online self-promotion and marketing Tips for leveraging email marketing to build industry connections Insights on licensing, leasing, and selling your beats Understanding the dynamics of selling exclusive beats, including track outs ...And beyond!

"How to Make Beats" elucidates music theory and technical software in easily digestible language. While the language of music production often feels exclusive, Slime Green Beats demolishes these barriers for budding creators. Familiarize yourself with industry jargon using the extensive terminology section and suggested resources provided at the handbook’s end.

About the Authors

Slime Green Beats is spearheaded by 3E Wave and Stunna, two highly acclaimed music producers renowned for their substantial following on YouTube. Boasting nearly a decade of collective beat-making experience, their practical insights and recommendations have been tried and tested in the real-world music scene.

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